Kids Connect

At Connections Church, we believe that children are so important. We believe that it is important for kids to learn about the God who loves them and the God who wants them to be part of His bigger story.  We accomplish this mission by delivering an engaging and relevant service designed specifically for them, and by partnering with parents.  

April VIRTUE: humility

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Putting others first doesn't come naturally to us. We have to stop and think instead of just acting. We often have to set aside what we want to do for someone else. Even though it is hard, we don't have to do it on our own. Because Jesus put us first in everything He did, we can ask Him for His help to put others first. 



Babies are cared for by helpers who will give children a loving and caring environment while parents are able to enjoy the Worship Service.

Preschoolers participate in large and small group activities of play, crafts or games and a Bible story and worship time geared at their level. 


ELEMENTARY (K-5th Grade)

There are small group and large group environments for elementary-aged children. In small groups, kids are divided by age for Bible stories, instructional praise and group discussions. In Children’s ministry children can meet friends, talk about God, and participate in a time of meaningful worship.

Connections Church desires to partner the Church and Family to have the greatest spiritual impact in the lives of children and students.

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Family Connect


Once a month, we gather everyone together for a high energy, hilarious, action packed drama and dance experience. Family Connect is a time designed for kids to take their parents, grandparents, and friends to church to show them the virtue they are learning about that particular month. 

Come by and dance, sing, and laugh as the "club house gang" shows you virtues the Kids Connect group is focusing on each month.